Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

June, 2011


The outback butterfly santuary.


     6/3    For flood control, the wildflowers and brush on the Far Side of Golden Ripples were cut back some 10 feet or so.  Songbirds and butterflies are busy making the appropriate adjustments.


No wildflowers this year.



     The bank on the Far Side (upper case intended) is several feet higher than the flood plain seen in the foreground.




Gateway to Pinnacle Peak.


     A special outing was called for on the 13th.  Beginning at the West gateway to Pinnacle Peak, the trail leads upward.  It proved to be a smooth rock roadway



Great views.


     There were a few showers in the area, but the views were outstanding.  The Rainier School is seen to the left of center.


    Tragic training crash site.



     A well kept memorial was placed to honor the soldiers lost in the helicopter training crash on 2 December 2006. 




Onward and upward.


     The road/path continued relentlessly onward and upward.  There are shortcuts to shorten the distance, but much too steep for the likes of me.  The gentler grade built for vehicles is good enough. 


A Peak at the Plateau geocache site.


     A well hidden geocache was another objective of the day's hike.  The hint mentioned a family of 7 or 8 trees.  The cache was found after a bit of wandering. 



The cache was still there.


     The reward.  It felt invigorating to be able to sign the logbook, rehide the cache, tarry a while, and then begin the walk back down the peak again.  In all, it involved a 700 foot elevation gain during the 2.6 mile round trip.




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