Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

July, 2011


Plenty of cooling shade for all.



     A new gathering spot for the community picnic was offered between two homes, which proved to be an ideal location on a beautiful sunny afternoon  



M-I-K  =   More in kitchen!



     The two co-hosts also did an superb job of preparing the dogs and bergers.  




Orderly food line.



     There was an abundance of food, as always, and a great time was enjoyed by the record turnout.  Many additional photos are being shared by the picnic committee. 



Free flight.


     The wispy clouds were the main focus, but an unseen eagle stole into the picture towards the end of the day. 




Fourth of July Band Concert


     The annual Independence Day band concert at the Meeker Mansion in Puyallup was well attended on a perfect day.  Notice that the band is comfortably located in the shade.  



Fireworks from home.


     Q.  Where is a good location for enjoying the fireworks display, free from the pressing crowds and occasional mosquitoes?
     A.  Looking out the window in the comfort of one's own home.


Sunrise Ranger Station and Gift/Snack Bar.

     On the 24th we took the annual trek to the Sunrise area of the Mountain.  No hiking this time as the snow had not completed its melt.  The newly remodeled visitors' center is now open and sporting interesting displays and descriptions of Mt. Rainier's formation. 


Snow packed trails.


     The trail down from the ridge was passable but packed with snow.




Friendly critter.



     This Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel seemed quite friendly and was probably looking for tourist scraps, which are forbidden.



Mt. Adams


     Mt. Adams is seen beyond the foothills looking east from the scenic viewpoint just down the road from Sunrise.





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