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Class of 56 Activities

Hamilton Senior Activities Listed

Daily Gate City - May 24, 1956

   Hamilton, Ill -- Commencement activities are on in full swing for the Seniors of Hamilton High School.
   For the first time in many years, there is ample room for all who desire to attend Hamilton Commencement events.  Each member of the graduating class is alloted six reserved seats for family and friends.  Other seating will be most adeuate on the gym bleachers.
   Culmination of the events will be the Commencement service Friday evening at 8 p. m.  Dr. Julian L. Archer Professor of Education at Western State Teachers college, Macomb, will bring the message.
   The Rev. Richard Brownfield delivered the Baccalaureate message to the Seniors, their families and friends, Sunday evening.  The Mixed Chorus and the Senior Songsters had musical numbers.
   The Jr.-Sr. banuet and Prom was held at Lakeview club Friday evening with "Seventh Heaven" providing the theme for the menu, the Juniors, Seniors, and their dates enjoyed two midnight hours aboard the Addie Mae on the lake.  They returned to Lakeview Club for an early 4 a. m. breakfast.
   The Senior class and faculty sponsors spent the weekend of May 11, 12, 13, in Chicago.  There they saw Cinerama, a stage play, ball game, a nightclub, attended services in large Chicago churches, and took a bus tour of the city.
   Class night was held Tuesday evening with the theme "This is Our Life."  With class poem, song, Will, Prophecy; solos and cheers; skits and even their own class band, the Seniors presented a gala program.  Betty Hosford was the gracious announcer.


Bacc. Rehearsal Friday, May 18th 5th Hour
Baccalaureate Sunday, May 20th Be here by 7:30 p.m.
Comm. Rehearsal Thursday, May 24th
Friday, May 25th
3rd Hour
7th Hour
Class Night Practice Tuesday, May 22nd Seniors will be dismissed from classes but need be at school.
Commencement Friday, May 25 Be here by 7:30 p.m.

Robes will be handed out Monday, May 14, 3rd Hour.

Robes will be turned in after Graduation  (May keep tassels)

Girls meet in Home Ec. Room

Boys meet in Bookkeeping Room