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Class of 56 Trip Conduct



1. Use general good taste in whatever you do, remember this is a school sponsored trip and the reputation of the school is involved in everything you do.

2.  Please do not smoke in the bus or on a public street or in a general public place where people are coming and going.  If you wish to smoke you are perfectly free to do so in your rooms or in a restaurant.

3.  Under no circumstances is partaking of alcoholic beverages sanctioned.  It is not according to accepted rules of high school conduct.

4.  Your sponsors are to know at all times approximately where you are and what you are doing.  Under no circumstances leave your group or hotel without first informing your chaperon where you are going.

5.  You are expected to be in your rooms in an hour and one half after the close of each regularly scheduled night's activity.  When you go to your room, you are expected to be ready to retire and be comparatively quiet.  It is only common good taste not to disturb your neighbors in a hotel.

6.  Under no circumstances are students to go from one room to another after they have retired for the night.  And under no circumstances are the students to appear in the hall unless they are fully clad in street clothes.

7.  Please be courteous at all times;  it doesn't hurt you to say "thank you" and "please".  Frequently, those words help oil the machinery of disgruntled individuals.  You will find hotel people courteous--return it.

8.  You are responsible for your own meals, but you must inform your chaperon where you are going.  In the area of the Palmer House there are several good cafeterias and restaurants.

9.  In all first-class restaurants (not cafeterias) you are expected to tip 10% of your meal bill provided it is over $1.00.  Never tip less than $.15.  Do not tip taxi drivers unless they give extra service or do a special favor.  Hotel bellboys should be tipped not less than $.15 and not over $.25 unless you ask for a special favor.

10.  We leave Hamilton at 11:00 A.M. by school bus.  We will leave Burlington at 12:00.  Dinner will be served in the cafeteria at !0:30 for all seniors going on the trip.

11.  We wish it understood by everyone that if at any time anyone doesn't conform to the above items or accepted school conduct that they will be asked to return to Hamilton, and their parents notified.