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All Grade School Review

            Presented by the Hamilton Grade School in the High School Auditorium Tuesday, December 19, 1944 at 8 P. M.


In Mother Goose Land � Grades I and II

Opening Chorus:  Hail to Mother Goose 

Mother Goose Has Come to Town  --   Virgilee Cochran, Lorita Paul, Peggy Baxter, and Chorus

Old Woman, How Do You Do  --  Esther Wells

We Are the Children Who Live in a Shoe  --  Charlotte Vaughn and Chorus

Ride a Cock Horse  --  Jan Jones and Chorus

Little Jack Horner  --  John Peterson and Chorus

Little Miss Muffet  --  Wanda Vaughn and Chorus

Rock-bye-Baby  --  Donna Gray, Eleanor Porter and Chorus

Puss In Boots  --  Dickie Cochran, Stephen Grout, Joy Bell Huston and Chorus

Old King Cole  --  John Paul Boone, Allen Smulling, Jackie King, Wayne Arend

Little Boy Blue  --  Terry Hambleton and Chorus

Peter Pumpkin Eater  --  Jerry Wright, Janet Biggs and Chorus

See Saw, Margery Daw  --  Judy Parker and Chorus

Finale:  Hail to Mother Goose


Selections � Grade School Band  --  Carrol Ray Simpson, Mary Camille Grout, Patty Dodge, Rae Jean Swigelson, Martha Sue Grout, Harlow Hosford, Jackie Martin, Alice Kimmel � Mr. Shanks, Dir.


School Days � Third and Fourth Grade

Teacher � Judy Jackson

Opening Chorus  �School Days�

�I Can�t Do This Sum� � From �Toyland� by Victor Herbert  --  Craig Lamport, Bobbie Cochran, Jerry Lee Warder and Chorus


The Square Dance � Fifth and Sixth Grade
            �The Old Square Dance is Back Again�


�Gentlemen, Be Seated� � Sixth, Seventh, and Eight Grade

Interlocuter-------Harlow Hosford

Minstrel Circle:  --  Lester Glines, Billy Carrol, Jimmie Carr, Harold Dickens, Robert Reneau, Morrison Burns, Marvin Taylor, Eddie Faselt, Gene Tripp.


            �His Rocking Horse Ran Away�                          Mary Jeanette Forquer

            �The Girl With The Pigtails in Her Hair�               Girls Chorus

            �The Trolley Song�                                              Marilyn French, Jackie Martin and Chorus

            �There�ll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin�     Billy Carroll

            �Let The Bumble Bee Be�                                    Eddie Faselt

            �White Christmas�                                               Harlow Hosford

            �Old Gray Mare�                                                         



            �I�m a Yankee Doodle Dandy�                              Bobbie Wells and Entire Cast

            �God Bless America�                                             Entire Cast and Audience


Directed by Miss Nellie Hawkins and Mrs. Ruby Sparks assisted by Miss Nell Orwig.