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Class of 56 Trip Outline


Friday, Saturday, Sunday

May 11, 12, 13


  1. Eat hot lunch at 10:30.
  2. Leave promptly at 11:00 for Burlington.
  3. Arrive in Burlington at 11:50.
  4. Leave for Chicago at 12:00.
  5. Arrive in Chicago at 6:00, change watches 1 hour ahead.
  6. Check in at Palmer House.
  7. Dress for night activity.
  8. Eat dinner.
  9. Those students going to Cinerama be ready to leave hotel at 6:30 with Mr. Hafner.
 10. Those students going to stage play be ready to leave hotel at 8:00 with Miss Sykes and Mr. Brackensick.
 11. These groups will stay together for "after-theater" snacks.

Be in hotel by 12:00 and in room by 1:00.


  1. Shopping in the fore noon.
  2. Eat lunch at 12:00
  3. Group going to ball game meet with Mr. Hafner and Mrs. Madden in the lobby of Hotel Palmer house at 12:30 to leave for ballpark.
  4. Group going to Cinerama meet with Miss Sykes at 2:00 in the lobby of Hotel.
  5. Group going on Boat tour meet with Mr. Brackensick in Hotel lobby at 12:45.
  6. Be back to Hotel by 5:30.
  7. Get dressed for Banquet.
  8. Banquet at 6:30.
  9. After banquet break into groups to attend a show.
 10 Meet at Hotel Palmer House at 10:30 to leave for night club.
 11. Be back to Hotel at 12:00.
 12. Be in room at 1:00.


  1.  Before Church pack suit cases.
  2. Be finished with breakfast at 9:00.
  3. Ready to leave for Church at 9:10.
  4. Church at 9:30.
   (a)  Catholics to their Church
   (b)  All others to Protestant Church.
  6. Eat lunch.
  7. Check out of Hotel
  8. Board bus for tour of city.
  9. Start on way home.
 10. Stop for dinner.
 11. Arrive at Hamilton 12:00.


1.  Hotel bill will be paid by school.  Phone calls will be paid by individual.

2.  If you have a time schedule to help--make sure you are prompt.

3.  Rooms will be checked by sponsors frequently.