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Class of 56 Poem


And now we give you some original rhymes
To keep you posted on Senior Times.

Janet Biggs is a gal with good luck,
Before long she�ll raise lots of kids with a poppa called �Duck�.

Mike Bricker better known as �Brick,�
In American History always had a trick.

Dorothy Buckert our class scholar and accordion player,
Will probably end up an aligator slayer.

Nancy Clark a girl with lots of charm
Hopes to become a modern school marm.

Gary Cochran�s dress is really up to par
He�ll soon be married to a gal named �Carr.�

Janet Damron a home ec. teacher she will be,
After she�s out of school with Ken�then we�ll see.

Jerry Dicker who is known to be silly,
Never has found himself a �filly.�

Dave Ernst at farming is really keen,
He has other talents too, just ask Marlene.

Barbara Glines with personality so gay,
Is often seen with a guy named �Ray.�

Betty Grant goes with a guy named Terry,
He�s the guy she hopes to marry.

Donna Gray�a career as a Private Secretary she has laid,
If she doesn�t change her mind, she may be an old maid.

Marlene Gronewold with personality keen
You all remember her as our homecoming queen.

Joy Haage with her hair in a popular way,
Because of her interest in hair may be a Barber some day.

Terry Hambelton is a big red convert,
Goes with Sonja, a junior �squirt.�

Ruth Harker is a girl with a good singing voice,
A guy from Macomb is her choice

Philip Heberer a guy with hair of red,
I won�t get married,� so he said.

John Hempen soon a farmer will be
If Darlene has her way, he�ll have company.

Betty Hosford who has her speech well in check,
This summer will enter Louisana Tech.

Rosalie Hyndman a clarinet player,
will be our first lady mayor.

Darlene Kammerer her future had laid,
She�s already got her �Big John Babe.�

Marsha Kennedy has her man,
but she just lost him to the army plan.

Donald King with his dark green car,
Is seen with girls from here and a far.

Pat Montgomery at Keokuk has a job,
That�s where she met Buck her heart throb.

John Pierce a fellow that�s strong,
Has kept himself single for too long.

Eleonor Porter who rides horses as a hobby,
will probably be the first woman jockey.

Helen Rowe now has found her man,
She hopes to keep him as long as she can.

Frank Seaver and Lila are soon to be wed,
We wish them much happiness in the years ahead.

Warren Seaver while on the Senior Trip,
Flirted with maids but never left a tip.

Carol Smith goes with a guy named Tommie,
After they�re married she�ll feed him potato chips and salami.

Allan Smulling a guy we call �Al�,
Seems he can�t latch on to that certain gal.

Devon Stephenson, a blushing, dark haired boy,
To some lucky girl he�ll bring lots of joy.

Wayne Swenson is a nice quiet guy,
But take it from Rosalie, he�s not so shy.

Dixie Thomas a baton-twirler so spry,
Some day soon will get her guy.

Kenneth Weller drives a car of maroon,
He�ll meet a sweet thing and marry her soon.

Bob Wells after a long time has found,
A girl with which he can settle down.

Gerald Wright likes to hunt, its said,
When he shoots at a bird, it really knows its dead.

Beverly Yetter a gal who sang for us,
Will probably end up a second Johnnie Phillip Morris.

We give this poem from us to you,
We�ve enjoyed giving it, we hope you�ve enjoyed it too.