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Promotion Exercises (Page 3)



Janet Biggs
Mike Bricker
Dorothy Buckert
Carol Carle
Nancy Clark
Gary Cochran
Norma Cox
Janet Damron
Jerry Decker
David Ernst
Patricia Forrest
Carol Galloway
Barbara Glines
Betty Grant
Donna Gray
Marlene Gronewold
Joy Haage
Alma Hale
Terry Hambelton
Ruth Harker
Dolores Harwood
Jerry Hayden
John Hempen
Betty Hosford
Rosalie Hyndman
Jan Jones
Mary Jones
Darlene Kammerer
Marsha Kennedy
Donald King
Aldo Kunz
Lola Marshall
Dale Monson
Patricia Montgomery
John Pierce
Eleanor Porter
Helen Rowe
Carma Schmitt
Warren Seaver
Frank Seaver
Carol Smith
Frank Smith
Ronald Smith
Allan Smulling
Devon Stevens
Mae Todd
Dixie Thomas
Marion Walker
Kenneth Weller
Bob Wells
Mableann West
Gerald Wright
Beverly Yetter

Class Colors - - - - - - - - - - - - - Purple and Gold

Class Flower  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yellow Rose

Class Motto "Don't try dying, but die trying"       


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