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Class of 56 Prophecy

Mike Bricker:  1960�Ah!  Hawian music meets my ears for here under the shade of a palm tree we find Mike Bricker in the coconut cracking business.  On his diamond head of course! 

Joy Haage:  1960�We find Joy Haage in Helsinkie Finland for she is on the U.S. womens Olympic track team.  She now holds the record of 250 ft. for the discus throw. 

Don King:  1965�We find Donnie King employed as a peach picker in one of the biggest apple orchids in Oregon. 

Rosalie Hyndman:  1960�Our little Rosalie has found her place in the world as a pea podder for the Snow Crop Company.  Last year she received the companies medal as the best little pea podder they ever had.

John Hempen:  1962�Ah!  What a change of pace we see. Our old friend and classmate John Hempen is now busy raising Angora cats on his ranch in Walla-Walla.  During our high school days we can all remember that Big John was quite the ladies man, but my how times have changed.  John we find is a confirmed bachelor and every night at 5:00 prompt a neon sign goes on that flicks all night long �NO WOMEN ALLOWED.� 

Marsha Kennedy:  1961�We find Marsha Kennedy employed as a Taffey Puller for the Andies Candies.  This is her one source of income; the army has the other one.

Wayne Swenson:  1960�Wayne Swenson who we all said would be most likely to succeed was appointed to the position of Justice of the Peace of Hamilton a few days ago.  The council felt he was qualified for the job because of his avid interest in teenage driving mishaps. 

Darlene Kammerer:  1959�We find Darlene Kammerer has gone slim since she has taken over Polly Bergan�s position doing the Pepsi-Cola commercial.  She has proven to all that men are taboo as far as she is concerned and therefore has resigned herself to the life of a career girl.

Devon Stephenson:  1961�We find Devon Stephenson with the Aurther Murrary School of Dancing.  He�s giving weekly demonstrations of the Cha-Cha. 

Betty Hosford:  1960�We find Betty Hosford studying vigorously in her hot house laboratory in Louisiana.  She is interested in the further culture and development of the magnola. 

Phil Heberer:  1965�Phil Heberer we find is pioleting a Banana boat off the Fegi Islands.  Business is good as so is his crop of freckles since the heat is very intense there. 

Janet Biggs:  1967�We find Janet Biggs employed as assistant manager of the Benner Food Store in Alaska.  This appointment of hers makes the completion of a great team for the manager you see is a very close friend of hers who was a graduate from Hamilton Hight with the Class of �53.� 

Warren Seaver:  1958�We find Warren Seaver on the H.H.S ship on his hands and knees scrubbing off the poop deck. 

Dorothy Buckert:  1969�Is that Square Dance I hear?  Well, I�ll be if it isn�t our own Dorothy Buckert.  She�s now taken over as Minnie Peral on the Grand Ole Opery Show. 

Jerry Decker:  1962�We find Jerry on his own chicken ranch in Nova Scotca rearing a large family�of wingless chicken�s that is. 

Nancy Clark:  1970�As everyone knew Nancy Clark liked to sing and as it was it turned out to be her profession.  She now does the Pepsodent commercial on the What�s My Line Show. 

David Ernst:  1965�We find David Ernst sitting in his study preparing his Sixth symphony for he has a lesson with Sibelus.  David is much changed from whence we first knew him.  As a student of Sibelus he has shaved his head and wears pin senz. 

Janet Damron:  1972�Janet Damron is now head home economist on the �Home� TV show.  It is her duty to wash and wipe all dishes used and to feed all the hungry camera men. 

John Pierce:  1959�This is John Pierce�s big year.  He is head cranberry merchant at Paul�s market.  Success is his now that he has used Pine tar soap and a wire brush to get rid of his seven year itch. 

Barbara Glines:  1974�Barbara Glines is well established with her career now as a cheerleader for the �House of David� basketball team. 

Gary Cochran:  1969�Oh!  What a shame.  We find our classmate Gary Cochran using every hair restoring ointment possible to bring back that once beautiful, wavy hair he possessed in High School.  You see, Gary is completely bald now. 

Donna Gray:  1968�Donna�s figure we knew would make her living for her someday.  She is now modeling shoe boxes for Sullivan Auerda�s of Keokuk. 

Allan Smulling:  1959�What�s that?  Allan Smulling as the Barker on the Sealtest Big Top Show.  The routine proves a little rigorous for old Al since it sometimes becomes necessary for him to become a one man show if the animals get sick. 

Marlene Gronewold:  1969�Marlene Gronewold as we all thought would go into nurses training.  But later she changed her mind.  She is now head hair dying consultant for the Wesmore Beauty Salons of Hollywood.  As a result she has black hair herself. 

Bob Wells:  1958�Our classmate Bob Wells has become an Aron Slick from Punkin Creek.  He�s become the biggest hunk of date bate since he started driving foreign cars and riding race horses. 

Ruth Harker:  1969�Ruth Harker we find is designing dresses for Jaque Raith Corp.  Ruth is quite the gay blade these days. 

Gerald Wright:  1968�Cactus Jim is no more.  He has had to relinquish his time to a story teller they call Gerald Wright.  It is not only his story telling the kids flock from near and far to hear but also he has proven the idle of all little girls.  They have voted him the man with the face who reminds them most of their Daddy. 

Betty Grant:  1966�We find Betty Grant employed with the Kleenex Company by testing the strength of Kleenex.  She now blows her nose at the rate of 40 times per minute. 

Beverly Yetter:  1963�We find Bev Yetter making scads in the false fingernail business.  Her real long ones have given others the inspiration to have some just like hers. 

Kenneth Weller: 1961�We find Kenny Weller prospecting in the sands of Pismoe Beach.  Kenny you see opened his mouth to whistle at a passing doll and blew the gold inlay out of his front tooth.  Without it whistling is rather hard. 

Carol Smith:  1964�We find Carol Smith in New York employed by Saks of 5th Avenue modeling sacks that is. 

Terry Hambelton:  1967�We find Terry Hambelton very busy as a proprietor of his own private enterprise, The Lonely Hearts.  He is so busy making matches it seems that he has forgotten about himself. 

Eleanor Porter:  1968�Pincy Porter now is in business for herself as a sign painter.  Her motto is �Let Pincy Paintim.� 

Helen Rowe:  1969�We find Helen Rowe squeezing oranges for the Minute Maid Company.  She now has passed the second platou by succeeded in squeezing five oranges a minute. 

Frank Seaver:  1960�Frank Seaver has made a name for himself as an escape artist.  He is now giving lessons to all those boys who are about to be booked.  After all what better example is there than Frank himself!? 

Pat Montgomery:  1967�Pat Montgomery is busy running her own Snack Shack.  She is noted for one of her specialities��Patties Pop Overs.�  These are actually hoped buck wheat pancakes. 

Dixie Thomas:  1962�When we couldn�t find out anything about our fellow classmate Dixie Thomas, we went to the missing persons bureau to try and locate her.  We found out that she had just disappeared.