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Class of 56 WILL

Since the class of 1956 is going to leave Hamilton High School, they have decided to leave their final will and testiment.  The following students leave the following items to the following people: 


I Frank Seavers wish to leave my curly hair to Mike Todd. 

I John Pierce leave my tall and lanky frame to Gary Haage who is striving for 6 feet. 

I Marlene Gronewold leave my Pepsodent smile and laugh to Mr. Risdon. 

Rosalie Hyndman is leaving school with a bright future in mind, spelled W-A-Y-N-E. 

I Wayne Swenson leave my bright outlook on life to Tom Ross. 

Warren Seavers is leaving nothing and taking nothing. 

I Donald King wish to leave my cute little dimples to Carolyn Pilcher. 

I Dorothy Buckert leave my ability to play the accordion to Dave Larner. Maybe he�ll be famous some day. 

I Beverly Yetter leave my long fingernails to Keela Daugherty. 

Joy Haage just plans to leave Hamilton for Warsaw to become a Barber. 

Nancy Clark wishes to leave her good study habits to Gene Curtis because he doesn�t have any. 

I, Pat Montgomery, wish to leave my ability to stay awake to Ronnie Brooks, who likes to sleep in secluded places.  For example: Closets. 

I, Barbara Glines, leave my cheering ability to Ed Carel. 

I, Betty Hosford, leave my ability to win speech contests to Phil Jackson who talks a lot. 

I, Mike Bricker, leave my sense of humor and smile to Mr. Goodrich and would like to make sure that he takes good care of it. 

I Janet Biggs, leave my ability to twirl the baton and march with the band to Linda Ketcham. 

I Phil Heberer, leave my long wavy hair to Bob Hawley who has always wanted red hair. 

I, Dixie Thomas, leave my ability to jitterbug to Doris Pilkington. 

I, Eleanor Porter, leave my biological instinct to Beverly Cochran. 

I, Jerry Decker, leave my famous hook shot to Coach Hafner.  Practice hard, Coach, you�ll need it. 

I Devon Stevenson, leave my ability to tell long stories to Pete Taylor. 

I, Betty Grant, leave my ability to roller skate to Miss Anderson. 

I, Donna Gray, leave my ability to wear fancy glasses to Monte Simons. 

I, Carol Smith, leave Tommy to the watchful eye of Mr. Mosena.  Take good care of him. 

Darlene Kammerer is not leaving anything, because she�s taking her favorite subject with her. 

I Marsha Kennedy, leave my dairy herd to any freshmen Ag boys who need a project. 

I, Ruth Harker, leave my happy school days to anyone who thinks their�s are dull ones. 

I, Bob Wells leave my ability to sing to Frank Morton. 

I Allan Smulling, leave my way with the girls to Terry Inman. 

I, John Hempen wish to leave my wrestling holds to Miss Sykes. 

I, Helen Rowe, leave my mathematical ability to Marlys Hanson. 

I, Terry Hambelton, leave my red & white convertible to Sonja, if she promises to take good care of it.  (Especially fenders) 

I, Gary Cochran leave my green cowboy boots to Nelson Kimmell, who needs a little help in heighth. 

I, David Ernest, leave my ability to drive with one hand to Wayne Pence. 

I Janet Damron, leave my graceful walk to Becky Hosford. 

I, Gerald Wright, leave my great interest in Macbeth to Allan Edwards. 

I, Kenneth Weller, leave my ability to play the harmonica to Delbert Disselhorst.